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Young Driver Car Insurance Northern Ireland residents Only

The premiums of the Title Young Drivers Insurance in Northern Ireland are no longer one of the highest in the UK. This is in part due to the reduction in the violence and troubles that have plagued this country for decades.

Another reason for the reduction in the cost of premiums for young drivers in Northern Ireland is the reduced number of motor vehicle accidents in the country. With fewer accidents, the risk factors are lower and looked at by insurance companies more favorably due to the perceived lower number of payouts that will be reported.

What is young driver insurance?

Young driver insurance is coverage for any new driver and all drivers under the age of 25. This type of policy is not a standalone but typically has a named driver also on the policy that has a good driver record. To help keep costs of the premium down as much as possible the use of a tracking system in the vehicle when the young driver is operating it is also required.

How to reduce the premium costs with a tracker

With the tracker in place a young driver can reduce their annual cost of insurance by proving through time they are a safe driver. This will be validated with the no claim statues each driver can earn after time on the road and they are not involved in an accident so not claims are filed with the insurance company.

What a tracker does?

A tracker is sometime referred to as a ‘black box’. This device registers all driving condition as a matter of history. This includes sudden stops and accelerations when the young driver is behind the wheel. It also records the time of day the young driver operates the vehicle.

As a point of information, the operation of a motor vehicle after 10 pm is considered high risk since the number of serious accidents that occur from that time until 4 am are more than other times during the day.

Reducing the premium cost 

  • The smaller the vehicle and displacement engine is less expensive to cover with auto insurance.
  • By increasing the excess paid out during a claim the annual premium cost will be reduced.
  • By having the main driver on the policy being an older one with a good driver record.
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    The premium that is paid in full for the year is the lowest cost to the young driver.

Beef up on Car Security 

The more security the vehicle is the lower the cost of the insurance premium. Many insurance companies offer a discount for vehicles equipped with alarms and if possible an immobilizer unit. This will prevent thefts to some degree.

Vehicles parked at night in a garage have lower premiums than those that are parked overnight on the street.

These are a few paths any person under the age of 25 can take to reduce their costs of a young driver’s insurance policy. A friendly insurance broker can help with these and other details when applying for a young driver’s insurance policy.