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Lady Driver Insurance (NI) Northern Ireland 

Gender-neutral pricing has prevented the insurance industry from differentiated the costs of insurance based on sex. Women drivers have historically posed less risk to the auto industry. However  due to the European rules they can not be rewarded directly by being offered cheaper premiums than their male counterparts. Well that was until the Brekit vote. 

several industry advisers have said they are already assessing the chances of reform on gender neutrality

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Young Women Drivers  are Safer than young Male Drivers and Should be Rewarded 

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Statistics show that young women are less likely to be involved in car accident compare to men of similar age yet under the under the current European rules the gender difference which would result in  reduced premiums fro women drivers young and old is not permitted. This ruling which came into effect in Dec 2012  makes it illegal for underwriter ti take into account the persons gender when calculating risk which does seem bizarre at the very least. However this law may will be coming to an end with the vote to exit the European union in 2016 leading to cheaper insurance quotes fro women and deservedly so as they do pose less risk than the male driver . In addition when females are involved in accidents they tend to be less serious than their male counterparts.  

Compare Lady Car Insurance NI with 20 Plus NI Brokers

How can Female Drivers Reduce the costs of Car Insurance in Northern Ireland ?

Install a Black Box or Opt for Pay as you Go Insrance

One possible approach is to consider pay as you go car insurance, which calculates insurance based on the number of miles driven per month. As such you only drive locally for school trips and weekly shopping this may be an avenue o explore further.  The black box option should also be considered given that female drivers are less risk this should be made evident from the telemeter readings leading to lower premiums. However be aware if the telemetries tell a different story your car insurance premium will likely increase.  

Beef up on secuity

Extra security when you vehicle is not being used should reduce the risks of your motor being stolen or vandalised. Number one is beoing able to provide off road secure parking, preferably garaged .  Next consider adding extra gadgets that are approved within the NI insurance industry look at immobilisers and GPS tracking gadgets and devices. Make sure they are also installed correctly.

Levels of Female Insurance Cover Available in NI 

  • Female third party insurance is the legal minimum requirement to enable female drivers to drive legally 
  • Adding fire and theft cover to the base third party cover gives additional protecting t in the event of fire or theft.
  • Comprehensive cover enables is the top tier covering in addition costs to you and your vehicle.


Before finalising your insurance policy you should consider other additional or extra cover. For example do you need cover to drive in Europe, would you like to have breakdown recovery cover included ? What you like to add extra named drivers or select the any diver option. all these will impact the final costs, but in general it should work out cheaper getting them included in  your base policy rather than adding or taking out separate policies. 

Compare Lady Car Insurance NI with 20 Plus NI Brokers