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Convicted Driver Insurance in Northern Ireland SP30, IN10 and A CU80

convicted driver insurance

If you have one the above codes on your driving licence you will pay more for your insurance, how much more depends on the code. The SP30 which is a simple speeding conviction tends to be the less serious of an array of driver conviction codes. If you are found using  a mobile phone whilst driving and convicted you will received code A CU80 on your licence. This shows clearly irresponsibility and when you go to get insurance this will be reflected in any quotes that you may receive  Moving up the scale being convicted of  driving without insurance will result with an IN10 code, again attracted higher premiums than someone with a clean driving licence. 

DR10, DD30 and TT99 will have significant impact on your Insurance Costs

It is standard practice for an insurance company to ask about any convictions over the previous 4 years with each offence adding to the final quote. Whilst SP30  driving over legal speed limit is most likely to have negligible impact others will result in increases that will make you think the broker added extra digits by mistake. 

TT99  Will  result in quotes that will make you regret being a "totter"  

This a more serious offence and if you happen to have this code which comes with its own description  as a "totter" your quotes will reflect how serious the insurance industry takes drivers that have accumulated 12 or more points in a period of 3 years on their drivers licence.  

Compare Convicted Driver Insurance NI with 20 Plus NI Brokers

What is CODE DR10? 

This code is for anyone charged with drink driving and over the legal limit and will attract a massive increase to costs of standard auto insurance in Northern Ireland and the UK.

Getting Multiple Quotes for Convicted Driver Insurance enables you to compare the costs of annual insurance premiums 

Car insurance NI compares helps you compare the cost convicted driver insurance. How does it work?  Simply select the NI quick quote option and you will redirected to to complete your insurance quote , to save time make sure you have all required details easily accessible.  Receiving multi quotes  will then enable you to compare and contrast the policies provided and you may arrive at one that best suits with your current insurance requirements.

Type of Convicted Driver Cover Available

The options are the same the base cover being third party only which is the legal minimum required to drive legally. This is followed by third part plus fire and theft protection with comprehensive being the top tier and includes additional over  for damage to your own vehicle and associated costs.

Possible Ways to Reduce the Costs of Convicted Driver  Insurance in Northern Ireland

Providing overnight secure parking should reduce your insurance policy costs. Underwriters normally discount if  you can provide secure overnight parking and add additional industry approved security items such as GPS tracking devices and immobilisers .  

Compare Convicted Driver Insurance NI with 20 Plus NI Brokers

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Compare Convicted Driver Insurance NI with 20 Plus NI Brokers