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Compare the cost of Car Insurance in Northern Ireland online with Multiple Brokers

Car insurance NI compares the cost of covering your business or family auto with the leading Northern Ireland based underwriters and brokers. How does it work?  Simply select the NI quick quote option and you will redirected to to complete your insurance quote  and complete form in under a few minutes provided that  you have all your vehicle details to hand. After submission a request will be sent to multiple NI brokers who in turn will send you a detailed insurance quote. This will then enable you to compare and contrast the policies provided and you may arrive at one that best suits with your current insurance requirements.

Lady Drivers

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Need a quote for lady car insurance NI ? Select the NI Quick Quote Button and you will redirected to to complete your insurance quote 

Young Drivers 

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Are you a young driver or a learner drive and need young driver insurance NI? Select the NI Quick Quote Button and you will be redirected to to complete your insurance quote

Convicted Drivers 

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Have you point on your licene for speeding , using a mobile phone or for another reason and need convicted driver insurance NI?  Select the NI Quick Quote Button and you will redirected to to complete your insurance quote

Policy Renewal Time - Perfect Time to Check the Competition for a better quote

The annual renewal of car insurance gives extra leverage to make sure you  are getting value for money. Rather than blindly continuing with your present insurer why not select the quick quote and see what other insurance brokers have to offer. You may be surprised as it is no trade secret that with the auto insurance industry, brokers reserve their best price for new customers. When they have enticed you into buying their policy you then become just another customer and normally rather than giving additional discounts for your loyalty they will apply discounts to attract new customers. 

Type of Auto Cover Available

Basic insurance referred to as third party is the legal minimum cover required to drive legally. The next step up includes cover for both both third parties and fire plus theft cover. Finally comprehensive insurance gives third party , fire and theft plus cover for damage to your own vehicle and associated costs.

How Many Drivers can be Included on an Auto Insurance Policy ? 

You can choose to select named drivers only which may be 1 or more drivers, any driver policies are also available  but most likely will attract a higher premium. The age of the drivers can also play a role ind determining the final costs of insurance . Under 25  and over 75 normally attract additional costs to cover calculated risks. 

Possible Ways to Reduce the Costs of Car Insurance in Northern Ireland

  • Providing overnight secure parking should reduce your annual premium. Brokers normally discount if immobilisers and GPS tracking devices have been fitted, but ensure any device fitted meets with insurance industry requirements .
  • Volunteering to shoulder a higher excess ( the amount you would be liable for in the event of an accident ) – may enable you to get a reduced premium.
  • Whilst not applicable to newly qualified drivers, having a good history of no claims will help you get the best NI car insurance quote
  • Can you prove that you are a safe driver with less risk to the insurance broker? Then consider with agreement of your broker of using a device to record and provide data on your driving habits. 
  • If not too late before choosing a car check which insurance category that it falls in and staying in one of the lower categories will attract better premiums that higher level categories. The current range is from 1 to 50. Cars in the 50 group are high performance models and will be the most expensive to get cover for.

Compare Car Insurance NI with 20 Plus NI Brokers

Now is the time to consider Extras to Include in your Policy

  • Cover for Travel to Europe : Whilst this may be included in some offers do check as it can always be added as an added extra. 
  • Excess Protection : Should you be held liable for an accident then you will be responsible for paying the excess amount. The excess for young drivers is normally high because of the added risk. An option to consider is taking out additional cover to protect you against having to pay this amount. 
  • Windscreen Cover: Consider this option, but also compare the cost of taking out a separate policy with a local company that deals exclusively in the replacement and repair of windscreens, this approach is also advised for breakdown cover. Compare the cost of contracting both to a local Northern Irish company that covers the whole of Northern Ireland as opposed to adding these direct into your car insurance policy.
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    Replacement Vehicle : This may be included, but do check as the costs of renting out a replacement vehicle can be costly and if you are at fault you will have to fork out for this, unless you have it included in your NI car insurance policy.